Denver Bar Fire A Suspected Arson Case; 5 Dead

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A fire inside a Denver bar called Fero's Bar and Grill looks like it was set on purpose in order to cover up the deaths of five people who were found inside, officials say. The bodies included four women and one man.

"There is just trauma, enough information to believe that we have a homicide that occurred here. They didn't perish in the fire," said police Commander Ronald Saunier.

The fire was reported around two a.m. this morning and didn't do much damage to the outside of the building before it was put out. The bar itself is located in a strip mall and has long been described by locals as "sketchy" and a "dive bar". Officials are asking that anyone with information as to who else might have been in the bar at closing time come forward. As of right now, the names of the victims haven't been released, but autopsies will be performed today.

The nature of the trauma inflicted on the bodies hasn't been discovered yet, but officials say they expect a "long, drawn out" investigation.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at (720)-913-7867.

Image: Fox 31 Denver

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