Dennis Rodman Fired From Celebrity Apprentice


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On last week's Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump spared Dennis Rodman because of the redemption story forming around the athlete, and fired reality star Omarosa Manigault instead. This week, the basketball star was back in the boardroom, but didn't fare quite as well with Trump as he did last week.

Rodman, as the leader of a team tasked with creating a promotion for a beauty product, was pulled into the boardroom with country music singer Trace Adkins. At issue during the boardroom meeting was a misspelling on an ad Rodman's team published. In the end, Trump brought up the fact that Rodman has been in the boardroom multiple times, though the business mogul did say he was "proud" of Rodman.

Rodman is now the sixth celebrity to have been fired from the current season of Celebrity Apprentice. He was also part of the eighth season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2009. During that series, Rodman was the fifth contestant fired.