Denise Richards Discusses Charlie Sheen, Anger Management

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Denise Richards, ex-wife to volatile star Charlie Sheen, has accepted a role on the former "Two and a Half Men" star's brand new show "Anger Management". Here's the kicker: She's playing his love interest. Given that Sheen was outrageously enraged by Richards not too long ago, it's strange that she would want to participate in anything involving her temperamental ex-husband. However, when you need work, I suppose any job will do.

Cynicism aside, I suppose it's good that the two are attempting to put the past behind him. However, the next time Richards does an interview where she endlessly complains about Sheen's behavior, I will roll my eyes and say "That's what you get!" to whoever happens to be standing next to me at the time. No joke.

"Charlie came to me and asked me to do an episode on the show," Richards explained to the television show Extra. "I saw a sneak peek of the first episode and it’s really funny. I did a table read last week. I play a love interest to my ex-husband."

Regarding the duo's tumultuous relationship: "He’s in a really good place. Everything is good. He’s been very focused on our children and on his job." For the sake of their kids, here's hoping that positive vibe continues into the future.

"Anger Management" has its FX debut on June 28th.

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