Denise Huskins, "Gone Girl" Inspiration, Vindicated After Arrest Of Alleged Kidnapper

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Denise Huskins and her boyfried, Aaron Quinn, have been vindicated after the arrest of Huskins' alleged kidnapper.

The FBI announced on Monday that Matthew Muller, a former marine, Harvard law graduate, and former California bar member, was arrested for the kidnapping.

Denise Huskins reported to police that she was taken from her home in Vallejo, California on March 23 after a group of people broke into their house, tied up her boyfriend, and kidnapped her.

Denise Huskins also reported that she was sexually assaulted twice.

After reporting the crime, Denise Huskins' case was initially publically labeled a hoax after inconsistencies and confusion fell on the investigation. However, Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn continued to insist that they were telling the truth.

On Tuesday, Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn appeared at a press conference.

Huskins' attorney Doug Rappaport said, "Today is a fabulous day for Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn. Nearly four months ago we told you she was innocent, that she was the victim of a violent crime ... Today there is vindication."

He then called the alleged kidnapper a "psychopath" and added, "What they are interested in is getting their reputation back, their lives back and moving on. No matter how bizarre the facts are we were confident these were good people."

Daniel Russo, Quinn’s attorney, said of the suspect, "Mr. Muller could spend the rest of his life in prison and it’s not going to resolve the issue. What I want is for the Vallejo PD to do their job."

He added, "Go out, find out if there are other guys out there and make sure that next time this happens they think before they talk."

What do you think of the crazy story of vindication for Denise Huskins?

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