Demi Moore Pays $715 Per Session for Chihuahua's In-Home Acupuncture Treatments

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Demi Moore has one very pampered pooch. Despite there being absolutely nothing ailing the chihuahua--named Vida Blue--Moore pays $715 per session for the dog to have in-home acupuncture treatments.

“There’s nothing wrong with her dog,” a source tells Us Weekly of Demi Moore's pet. The Ghost actress, 53, “is just really into holistic food and medicine for her animals, the way she is for herself."

Veterinarian Patrick Mahaney treats Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump's dog.

“It can calm down an anxious dog,” he says of the acupuncture treatments. “It also stimulates appetite and treats muscle spasms.”

In addition to making sure her dog stays healthy, Demi Moore is filming an upcoming movie called Blind. Production is taking place in New York City, with Alec Baldwin starring opposite Demi Moore.

Baldwin plays the role of a novelist who lost his sight in a car crash that killed his wife. He rediscovers how much he loved writing when he falls in love with Demi Moore's character.

This isn't the first time Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore have starred in a film together. They also starred in the 1996 thriller The Juror.

Do you suppose Demi Moore is busy convincing Alec Baldwin and/or anyone else on the set of Blind to shell out $715 per treatment for their dogs to have acupuncture?

You certainly can't fault the actress for loving her dog.

Would you shell out what Demi Moore is paying for your pet to receive these treatments?

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