Demi Moore Offered To Help Ashton Kutcher With Mila Kunis And New Baby?


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Demi Moore is finally over Ashton Kutcher.

To make her sentiments known, she's reportedly reached out to the Two and A Half Men star and his fiancé Mila Kunis to offer her support as they begin their new life as parents.

According to Radar Online, she's even offered to help her ex-husband with Kunis and their new baby.

As outlandish as it sounds, a source close to the famed Indecent Proposal star shared details about her new perspective where Ashton is concerned.

“Demi is putting the past behind her now,” the source revealed. "She is in total acceptance now. She ultimately has great love for Ashton and has accepted the fact that he is in love Mila and that they are starting a family.”

Maybe the 51-year-old veteran actress has offered to support Ashton and Mila because she's an experienced mother. For those who don't know, Demi and second ex-husband, Bruce Willis, have three daughters - Rumer, 26, Tallulah, 20, and Scout, 23.

Although that could be the reason behind her alleged offer, she has yet to confirm whether or not it's even true.

However, the rumor is relatively shocking since she and Ashton didn't have the most amicable split. As a matter of fact, their divorce took quite a while to finalize due to disputes over assets.

They were reportedly at odds about how their estimated $300 million fortune should be divided. Demi requested spousal support, which the 36-year-old actor refused to pay.

Several media outlets report that her request was out of bitterness and spite because it was rumored that they split because he allegedly cheated on her with Mila.

Eventually, they finally came to a mutual agreement and their divorce was finalized on November 27, 2013.

Although Demi Moore has reportedly accepted the fact that she and Ashton are done, do you believe she's really made such a gratuitous effort to lend a helping hand to him and his new family?