Demi Moore: Ashton Cheated With Scott Eastwood's Ex

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Demi Moore is likely still licking her wounds from that fateful San Diego night in late 2011.

On that night, also coincidentally Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's 6th wedding anniversary, Ashton Kutcher allegedly and famously cheated on Demi Moore with Sara Leal, a San Diego administrative assistant in her early 20's.

This all happened after a hot tub frolick with some of Leal's friends, unbeknownst to Demi Moore.

This week, Scott Eastwood dropped a bomb in the Hollywood world, which opened up old wounds and brought the story of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's ruined relationship back into the spotlight.

On Thursday's Watch What Happens Live, featuring John Cryer and Scott Eastwood, a caller asked Jon Cryer if it was awkward for him to work with Ashton Kutcher since Cryer dated Demi Moore a very long time ago.

Cryer replied that it was awkward, but that they were able to move on quickly.

Then Scott Eastwood jumped in, saying, "If it makes you feel any better, he did sleep with one of my ex-girlfriends."

He added, "she was my current girlfriend at the time."

When Andy Cohen asked how he found out, Eastwood said, "Well, it was, I think, the catalyst that broke him and Demi [Moore] up."

When Cohen then asked if it was the infamous girl in San Diego, he replied, "Yeah, it was her and her friends. Remember those? My buddy and I dated those two girls."

While Scott Eastwood remained mum on whether his ex-girlfriend was Sara Leal or another one of the girls in the hot tub, it was a huge Hollywood revelation.

What do you think? Should Scott Eastwood have brought up the past of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher on the show?

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