Demi Lovato: Blonde Look Suits Her

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Demi Lovato, whose hair has been several different colors in the past few years, has gone back to blonde after a brunette hiatus. A photo of her at an event for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration taken yesterday is sweeping the web, as the young "X Factor" judge looks to have a healthy glow about her.

Lovato was honored at the event for her work in raising awareness about mental health issues and spoke a bit about her darkest times, which came after a bout of depression led to an eating disorder and cutting.

"You’re constantly asking yourself, ‘What will happen if people know my diagnosis?" she explained. "For me, it was more complicated. ‘Would I lose my career, doing what I love?’ … I pretended for a long time to be OK so that I could continue to work. And that’s why I’m here today, to tell young people who are asking themselves those questions, uncertain of what lies ahead, that they are not alone."

Lovato is also being praised by fans and critics alike for her new album, DEMI, and many say it has helped them through their own tough times.

Lovato seems to be loving her new look, although she says it's gotten her into trouble already:

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