Delta Fares - Low Fare Glitch Will Be Honored


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If you are a traveler who purchased round-trip airline tickets for Delta on Thursday - for extremely cheap, you should know it was a computer glitch.

Between 10 a.m and noon, in the company website went haywire and listed flight costs extremely low.

For example, if you bought a round trip ticket from Cincinnati to Minneapolis, that fare was sold for just $25 and another fare from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City during this time period - you paid $48 for tickets that would have cost - for each trip - over $400.00.

"For a portion of the morning today, some prices on and other booking channels were incorrectly displayed, resulting in lower-than-usual fares for customers," a Delta spokesperson said.

Luckily you just happened to buy at the perfect time, although frequently airlines will not honor mistakes made by computer, however according to Delta, they are honoring those tickets.

Trebor Banstetter, a spokesman for Delta Airlines, said the problem has been fixed but "Delta will honor any fares purchased at the incorrect price."

The Delta Airlines website was in the process of upgrading its website and something went wrong - but obviously it went unnoticed for a least a couple of hours. Not only did some travelers purchase tickets at extremely low prices - some people who used their frequent flyer numbers paid much higher rates than usual.

"It looks like Delta's programmers had a little too much eggnog yesterday," joked George Hobica, founder of, which promotes airfare sales.

Image via Wikimedia Commons