Delta Adds Pay to Download Content


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Delta Airlines is adding pay-to-download content to their ever-growing selection of a la carte services. Passengers can access the airline's wifi to get TV shows for 99 cents, and movies for $3.99. This content can be ordered without having to pay for wifi access as well, on longer U.S. flights, according to Delta.

delta airline

Delta has been expanding upon a variety of services to boost sales, including baggage fees, airplane restroom usage and exclusive Sky Club memberships. It has been reported that the airline was able to bring in $200 million from the added services last year, and hopes to bring that number to $1 billion in 2013.

"We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the customer experience in flight," said Delta spokesman Paul Skrbec. Once a user pays the fee to get the content off of Delta Connect, the show or movie can be played or paused for 24 hours after the plane lands. No word on what sort of content would be included in the service.

Delta has been modifying its entertainment services since October, when it outfitted 10% of its 757 fleet. Skrbec added that so far customer feedback has been positive. It has been recently reported that the airline is the number one tech-friendly flyer.