Dell Evaluating Google TV Tech

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Dell and Google have worked together a lot over the years, from the time they partnered on a toolbar in 2006 to when Dell's CEO flashed an Android-powered tablet earlier this week.  As for what's next, it seems possible they'll coordinate something related to Google TV.

Agam Shah spoke to a high-ranking Dell employee today, and wrote afterward, "The company is evaluating new devices from set-top box makers and original design manufacturers (ODMs) that could seamlessly bring Internet content to TVs, said Chris Camilletti, desktop product manager at Dell.  The company is also considering the Google TV platform, which merges broadcast TV and Internet into one interface."

It could be a good sign for Google that its brand was singled out in that fashion.  Also, Google's history with Dell and reputation for building Android seem likely to work in its favor.

At the same time, no one has come close to claiming that a future pairing is certain.  Shah made clear, "The company has not yet officially announced any product, and is still investigating the market opportunity, Camilletti said."

So it may be that Dell will give Google TV the chance to sink or float on its own before stepping in.

As always, we'll be sure to report any significant developments.  A quick note on the financial state of the two companies: Google's stock fell 0.49 percent today, and Dell's dropped 1.86 percent.

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