Dell Announces its Google Chromebox For Meetings

IT Management

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Last week Google announced the Chromebox for meetings, a new device for video conferencing. The concept is aimed at businesses that need a simple solution for their video-conferencing and long-distance meeting needs. To that end, the Chromebox for meetings comes with a camera, a speaker/microphone, a remote, and the PC hardware to run it all.

Given the success Google and Asus have found collaborating on the Nexus 7 tablet, it isn't surprising that Asus is the first manufacturer to put out the new Chromebox. The first version of the hardware is selling now for $999. Other manufacturers will be coming along later with their own Chromebox hardware.

Dell today confirmed that it is one of the manufacturers developing Chromebox hardware. Just like the Asus version, the Dell Chromebox will come with a camera, microphone/speaker, and remote.

“We are excited to be working closely with Google on such an innovative solution that gives professionals the opportunity to connect, collaborate and meet face-to-face no matter where they are,” said Neil Hand, general manager of the Dell Tablet Group. “We are committed to enabling our customers to be productive and effective in any professional setting, and improve the office meeting experience.”

Dell has not announced when its version of Chrombox for meetings will be released. The company has only stated that it will "be available in the coming months." According to Google, HP is also working on a Chromebox for meetings, though the release date for that hardware is also unknown.