Deion Sanders Fired By Charter School, Students Rally Behind Him


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Deion Sanders has been fired from the Dallas-area charter school he co-founded for the second time in as many months.

Prime Prep Academy's Superintendent Rachel Sanders made the decision to fire Sanders from his position as football coach on Tuesday.

In October, Sanders was fired after being accused of assaulting a co-worker, but was rehired the next day. Sanders vowed to fight the charges.

Prime Prep Board President T. Christopher Lewis, who has taken Sanders' side against the administration in a bitter power struggle, said of the most recent firing “I did not approve this dismissal nor would I have made that decision."

Lewis called Sanders a "significant asset" to the school. The former Dallas Cowboys cornerback is generally regarded as the public face of the school.

According to WFAA-TV Dallas (Channel 8 ABC) about 75 students walked out in protest behind Sanders.

The Prime Prep Athletics Twitter account has retweeted several messages from Sanders as well as those who have spoken out in support of him:

The Prime Prep school board is scheduled to meet on Friday, and Sanders hopes they will fire the current administrators. “Right now they are trying to overthrow the board and do everything that is not legal and lawful. It’s unbelievable.”

Sanders says the administration is loyal to Prime Prep's other co-founder, former CEO and Executive Director D.L. Wallace. Wallace resigned on November 21, one day after being confronted in a Fort Worth parking lot by WFAA about "mystery rent payments" made with Prime Prep operating funds.

The recent upheaval at Prime Prep has drawn the attention of the Texas Education Agency. Although the agency hasn't launched a formal investigation, spokesperson DeEtta Culbertson says they are aware of the issues there.

“TEA continues to be diligent in gathering information related to specific complaints regarding finances, special education and allegations of nepotism. It would be premature to comment on any of the specifics until our fact finding in each of these areas is complete. However, TEA is prepared to take the appropriate steps should action be warranted.”

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