Deion Sanders Comments On First Gay NFL Player


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Since it's been known that Micheal Sam would be the first openly gay player in the NFL, most have given him a lot of support and a few players in the league said they don't care if he's gay or not.

And those same feelings were echoed by ex-NFL great Deion Sanders, as he visited the Arsenio Hall Show this past week and said having a gay player in the league is nothing new and he'll support Sam no matter what. "I don't condone or condemn," said Sanders. "But I'm going to love him."

In addition, the legendary cornerback said having a gay player in the NFL isn't unprecedented, what's unprecedented is the fact that Sam chose to openly talk about being gay, and that's where the difference lies.

"He's not the first gay guy in the NFL," Sanders explained. "He's the first one to come out. Let's get that straight."

However, not everyone is giving their support to Sam, especially Jack Burkman, a Washington D.C. lobbyist.

This past Monday, Burkman issued a statement and said that Congress needs to pass legislation that would ban gays from playing in the NFL.

"We are losing our decency as a nation," he said. "Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That's a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country. What in the world has this nation come to?"

Through Twitter, Sam quickly responded and said Burkman should transport himself back to the past if he expects gays not to join professional sports.

"Jack Burkman is going to need a Delorian, not some bogus bill if he wants to prevent gay athletes from being in the locker room," Tweeted Sam.

And on Arsenio, Sanders said gay players have been in the locker room since the beginning of the league, so he doesn't understand why everyone is making such a big fuss. "Every team I played on--I think I played on five different teams--there was someone gay in the locker room," he said.

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