Deezer Uses Open Graph To Share Your Jams

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With the explosion of Spotify, there are other music services that are clamoring for a piece of the lucrative music streaming pie. France-based Deezer is doing quite well for itself despite only being available in only a few countries at the moment. Part of that success is due to its social sharing actions which is why they're the subject of this week's Facebook developer spotlight.

Like the apps before this, the major game change for Deezer has been Open Graph. Integrating itself into Facebook has made sharing easier for its members while driving up usage. Deezer does this through the use of "liking a song, sharing a playlist and commenting on songs." All of this information is then shared on the user's Facebook Timeline for their friends to see.

In a Spotify for Facebook fashion, Deezer's activity feed will show what your friends are listening to, what songs they like and recently joined members. All of this is to promote the discovery of new music and increase the sharing of musical tastes, etc. You could even take one of the new members under your wing and show them the error of their ways when they're listening to Nicki Minaj by showing them the superior Ke$ha.

Since privacy and control of our information is such a hot button issue now, Deezer allows users to take full control of what they want shared to Facebook. With the sharing permissions being merged, it should be even easier for Deezer to drive up Facebook usage.

Deezer had about 605,000 monthly active users back in September of 2011. That same month, the app launched with Open Graph support which saw its MAU jump by three times to 2 million. Once again developers, Open Graph is important. Unless you just have some kind of deep-seated hatred for improved social sharing, Open Graph is the way to go when it comes to driving traffic to your app or Web site.

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