"Deception" Actor Comes Out After Jodie Foster's Speech

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"Deception" actor Victor Garber hasn't gone public with his sexuality, but recently told a reporter that "everyone knows" he's gay. He went on to say that he and his partner, Ranier Andreesen, have been living together for years.

After a blogger did some investigative reporting on Garber for an interview, he discovered a blurb on the actor's Wikipedia page that mentions him living with his "partner". Not one to waste a good story, Greg Hernandez asked Garber about it point-blank and got a rather surprising answer.

‘I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows. He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards," he said.

Garber's revelation comes on the heels of Jodie Foster's memorable Golden Globes speech, where she gave the public a rare glimpse at her private side in talking about her family, including her ex-partner of several years, Cydney Bernard. But because he's not shared much of his private life, it appears he wanted the interview to be more about his work than anything else. Speaking of his new series, "Deception", he said:

“I’m a lucky actor, I work. But this is the first series that’s come along since Eli Stone, three years ago, that I really wanted to do. It was smart, it was interesting, it was dynamic and it wasn’t like the show was going to rest on me. I thought this was the perfect thing at this point in my life. It had everything I like: the complexity of the character, the family drama, all of the duplicity. For an actor, it’s like getting a dessert – like getting what you hope for and rarely get."

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