Debra Messing Says Yes, There Will Be A "Will & Grace" Reunion

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Debra Messing confirmed this week what fans have been hoping for since 2006: there will be a Will & Grace reunion, and it's happening next month.

The sitcom aired on NBC for eight seasons, ending in 2006 and sending its stars in various successful directions. And while actors like Messing and Megan Mullally have gone on to do very different things, fans will always see their favorite characters in them no matter what roles they take on.

The reunion special will air on February 21 and isn't just a reason to get the cast together again; it's also to honor director Jim Burrows, who has a long history behind the camera of successful shows. According to Sean Hayes, who played Jack on the series, the special will be one to remember.

“It’s the reunion of all reunion shows. It’s going to be unlike anything everyone’s ever seen," Hayes said in a recent interview.

Debra Messing has a lot on her plate these days; not only is she starring in The Mysteries of Laura, she's also signed on to play Marjorie Houseman in a new Dirty Dancing remake, which stars Abigail Breslin as Baby. The film will be a three-hour event on ABC later this year.

Messing said in a recent interview with CBS News that she would love to work with some of her old castmates again, particularly Mullally. Debra has already had a mini-reunion of sorts with Eric McCormack--who played Will on the series--on The Mysteries of Laura, but she's down for more if anyone else is available.

"Everyone is so busy. Megan has a new TV show and she has a band that she toured all over the world and she has a show she does with her husband, so I can't imagine there would be time. It would be a dream come true for me to have her there and act together again...I saw her in New York -- she and her husband did an off-Broadway play and they were incredible. Seeing her in person for the first time in years really was amazing. We're all always checking in on each other and know what's going on with each other," Debra said.

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