Debra Messing and Eric McCormack Reunite


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Will Truman and Grace Adler came into our living rooms every Thursday night for eight years as the principal characters of the wildly popular must-see sitcom "Will & Grace" which was on the air from 1998 - 2006. They weren't a couple, as Will was gay and Grace was straight, but they had a love affair for the ages - best friends, confidants and platonic lifetime companions.

Today the internet is abuzz with speculation that a "Will & Grace" movie could potentially be in the works after Debra Messing and Eric McCormack were photographed on the red carpet hugging and mugging for the camera during an event that honored their former "Will & Grace" director and producer James Burrows.

See yourself:

Apparently the idea for a "Will & Grace" movie has come up in the past. During an interview with "Huffington Post" last March, Messing responded, "never say never" when asked about a big screen possibility. She went on to say that, "I would hope that all the characters had found some love at some point, but you know, it’s a comedy. So happiness does not equal laughter most of the time on TV."

Messing took to Twitter to describe her joyous reunion with McCormack.

During its eight season run, "Will & Grace" was one of the most successful shows on television. In fact, it was the first television show to ever feature a gay leading character. The sitcom would go on to win 16 Emmy Awards and garner 83 total nominations. In 2003, Messing took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy, cementing her place in television history.

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