Deborah Raffin Dies at 59, Audiobook Pioneer and Actress

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If you are heavily involved with the audiobook industry, I am sure that the name "Deborah Raffin" comes up from time to time. Raffin was an American actress who later went into audiobook publishing.

Earlier in her career, Raffin started acting, and starred in various small roles in the 1970s, such as: 40 Carats (1973), Once Is Not Enough (1975), The Sentinal (1977), and Hanging on a Star (1978).

During the time of Raffin's acting, she met her future husband Michael Viner. The couple later launched an audiobook publishing company in 1985. During their audiobook publishing venture, one of the most well-known audiobooks that they released was Sharing Christmas (1990), which included small historical accounts from various celebrities and raised money for the homeless.

According to IMDb, Raffin was the second choice for Sandy in the hit musical movie Grease.

Some of Raffin's later acting involved roles as: Julie Camden Hastings in 7th Heaven (1996-2005), and was in three episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008-2010).

On November 21st, 2012, Deborah Raffin passed away after suffering a long battle with leukemia at the age of 59. Fans of Raffin have left their respects via Twitter:

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