"Death of a Superhero" Trailer and Poster Now Online


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The first U.S. trailer for "Death of a Superhero" is now online. The film centers around Donald, an aspiring comic book artist, who is diagnosed with leukemia and just follows his everyday struggle that is life. "Death of a Superhero" stars Thomas-Brodie-Sangster as Donald, Andy Serkis as the therapist, and Aisling Loftus as Donald's love interest.

Just based off the trailer, it looks like nothing is sugarcoated, in regards to Donald's cancer or the awkward way people act around him. It almost feels like the non-comedic version of 50/50. Anyways, you'll find the official synopsis of the film below along with theatrical poster. Enjoy.

Donald is a teenager with extraordinary artistic talents. His future as a graphic novel artist should be bright. As his life is consumed by fantastic daydreams, Donald soon discovers that a very real enemy is trying to kill him. With an unorthodox psychologist teaching Donald to find the light in life in an otherwise dark world, DEATH OF A SUPERHERO tells the story of discovering life, love, and death in this exceptionally honest portrayal of a teenage boy facing his own mortality.

...and here is the poster for the film.


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