Dead Space Recap Video Summarizes the Series' Considerable Backstory

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The Dead Space games, like some other survival horror titles (not to mention science fiction franchises), has a rather convoluted backstory. In fact, without paying close attention and grabbing various log entries within Dead Space and Dead Space 2, even many players may not be clear on what exactly necromorphs are and why they appear.

EA, as they have done with many other titles, appears to have slightly reworked Dead Space 3 to make it more accessible to the general gaming public. Specifically, the new co-op gameplay may be many players' first introduction to the Dead Space universe, and the game's story will need to be accessible too.

To ease the way in for newcomers, EA today released a recap video that succinctly explains everything first-time Dead Space players will need to know about the markers, Michael Altman, the Church of Unitology, and series protagonist Isaac Clarke. As a bonus for fans who already know everything about the Dead Space series, the last 30 seconds of the video contains a hint at just what could bring Isaac out of his retirement from necromorph stomping.

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