Dead Space 3 Pre-Order Exclusives Revealed


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It's a sad fact of life for current gamers that they won't be able to acquire every bit of content for a game unless they purchase it three or four times. The retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses that have grown common in the past few years are the new normal going forward and a source of pain for OCD, completionist gamers.

EA and Visceral Games today announced the pre-order bonuses customers of GameStop and Amazon will receive for pre-ordering Dead Space 3. Both bonus items are guns.

Gamers pre-ordering from GameStop will receive the "EG-900 SMG." It's a submachine gun issued by the EarthGov and "built for urban warfare."

Those who pre-order from Amazon will receive the "Tesla Enervator." The weapon is described as having been developed from an overdriven focus coil by Sovereign Colonies scientists. It fires a "precision blast causing instantaneous electrocution and molecular destabilization."

What's odd about these bonuses is that one of the touted new features in Dead Space 3 is the crafting system. It's been stated that players will be able to find materials to craft their own weapons to add different effects. It's even more clear than usual that these pre-order weapons will be useless by the time players hit an hour of gameplay.

Dead Space 3 is currently scheduled to launch on February 5, 2013. The game features Isaac Clarke back in action against the necromorph threat, but this time joined by another protagonist named Carver. Players, for better or worse, will be able to play together in a new co-op mode.