De La Soul Are Giving Away Their Music for 25 Hours

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De La Soul are giving away all of their music–for free–for a limited time.

The famed hip hip trio is looking to give fans access to many of their older albums–albums which have been missing from the world of streaming and downloadable music services for years.

Everything is available on the band's website. This Valentine's Day gift from De La Soul allows you to download one or all of the following albums:

3 Feet High and Rising; De La Soul Is Dead; Buhloone Mindstate; Stakes Is High; AOI: Mosaic Thump; AOI: Bionix; and Remixes, Instrumentals, and Rarities.

The 25-hour giveaway began at 11 am EST today, and will run until noon on Saturday.

"It's about allowing our fans who have been looking and trying to get a hold of our music to have access to it," De La Soul member Posdnuos told Rolling Stone. "It's been too long where our fans haven't had access to everything. This is our way of showing them how much we love them."

And why haven't fans had access to the pioneering group's music? Well, their use of samples. 3 Feet High and Rising, as well as a handful of other De La Soul albums, use so many samples (many not fully licensed) that they have been unable to appear on many music platforms (iTunes, et al.).

De La Soul was formed in 1987 in Long Island, New York. Their seminal album, 3 Feet High and Rising, was released in 1989. Soon, the group will release You're Welcome, their first full-length album since 2004.

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