DC Comics Made An Awesome Superman Short For The Character's 75th Annivesary


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I used to be like you. I hated Superman. He was too powerful, and his stories seemed to lack the emotional gravitas that Batman's stories had. Then I read Alan Moore's Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow and everything changed. Superman was just as good as Batman, if not better in some cases, and DC's 75th anniversary celebration for the Man of Steel only makes it more apparent.

To celebrate 75 years of Superman, DC Comics commissioned Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder to create an animated short that goes through Superman's storied history, from Action Comics #1 in 1938 to this year's Man of Steel. Some may be disappointed by the fact that the short doesn't go near Lois and Lane, or that it only acknowledges Smallville in passing; but it's an amazing tribute overall to a character that I and many others have become very fond of over the years.

According to io9, the short will appear on both the Man of Steel Blu-ray as well as on Cartoon Networks' DC Nation. I can only hope that this means we'll get more animated Superman movies or TV series from the talented folks at Warner Bros. animation. They've been knocking it out of the park with their Batman films as of late, and a new Superman animated series or feature would be greatly appreciated.

[Image: DC Comics/YouTube]