David Petraeus: Did He Endorse Hillary Clinton?

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Did David Petraeus endorse Hillary Clinton as a Democratic presidential candidate? He talked about her in a new book by Jonathan Allen and Aimee Parnes.

In HRC Petraeus is quoted as saying, "She'd make a tremendous president." Might that be all his followers need to hear in order to endorse her, too?

David Petraeus always made it quite clear that he detested anything to do with politics. The former director of the CIA has clearly lauded the former secretary of state, and as everyone knows it's just a matter of time before Hillary throws her hat into that proverbial ring.

It wasn't long ago that Hillary Rodham Clinton officially questioned David Petraeus regarding his records on the Iraq War surge--as seen in the video clip above. That line of questioning didn't leave the former CIA director in a particularly positive light. It's a bit surprising to hear him support Clinton in such a robust way. Clinton pretty much accused Petraeus of lying about the state of things in Iraq when he was President Bush's commander in that country. This goes back to Clinton's time as a senator and her first bid for the presidential office.

Of course there are other times when Hillary Clinton reached out to David Petaeus and seemed rather human--something not everyone can admit having seen from former President Bill Clinton's wife--but then again she is Bill Clinton's wife, and that definitely explains some things.

When Petraeus was forced to resign after word leaked about his extramarital affair, Hillary actually sent him a handwritten note, expressing her sympathy.

"I have a little experience," she wrote, reflecting back on her time as the First Lady when husband Bill carried on his sexual dalliances with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Regardless of the situation between the two, if one reads HRC, it indeed appears as though David Petraeus has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Check out the book. In addition to the former CIA director's comments, it offers an excellent read.

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