David Lynch, A Web-based Talent Show and Bad Lip Reading

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Who knew filmmaker David Lynch was a solo artist capable of making some pretty crazy sounding music? I suppose his style of film should provide a clue at what kind of music Lynch would make if he were to do so, and I have no doubt what you imagine will be a lot like "Crazy Clown Time," if, somehow, the title of the song didn't clue you in.

Lynch's awesome song is just one of today's top videos, which also includes information about the YouNow talent show, another incredible offering from the folks at Bad Lip Reading, this time, their focus is on Michelle Bachman. In the words of Korn, are you ready? I'm not quite sure you are. If so, then take my hand and I'll get us started off with this crazy offering from David Lynch.

Enjoy the trip:

Yes, as a matter of fact, that is David Lynch singing. In fact, according to the YouTube page, Lynch performed and produced the tracks on his upcoming album. Sounds like the perfect soundtrack to drop acid to, if that's your thing. Hat-tip to Boing Boing for pointing Lynch's work out.

Speaking of talent, the next offering is an interview by WebProNews' own Abby Johnson. In her latest piece, Abby interviews Adi Sideman, the CEO and founder of YouNow.com. YouNow is essentially an online talent show in the same vein as American Idol and X-Factor, expect, it's much more interactive. Take a look at what Sideman had to share with Abby:

This next piece is a labor of love, courtesy of Desrumaux Celine. The video, which is titled "Countdown," is an awesome piece of animation. The subject manner is the launch of rocket, and the final product is pretty close to masterpiece status; at least to this writer:

Countdown - HD from Desrumaux Celine on Vimeo.

Here's a link to Celine's blogspot in case you're interested in knowing more about this skilled artist.

Next up is the awesome folks at Bad Lip Reading. Their latest target is Michelle Bachman, and much like the Obama and Rick Perry pieces, it pretty much nails everything:

See more of their work at the Bad Lip Reading Tumblr site.

Finally, from the self-serving pile, here's EA's latest attempt to market its highly anticipated Battlefield 3 video game, which comes out on the 25th of October. This latest piece is apparently meant a Facebook-only video, and, in fact, it's unlisted on YouTube, but instead of making you jump through any Facebook hoops -- you can do so at Battlefield's Facebook page if you'd like -- here's the embed, and it features some NFL players you're probably familiar with:

Until next time, enjoy the videos. If you see any that should be featured in this segment, feel free to drop us a line.

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