David Letterman: Aubrey Plaza Talks Sex With Robert De Niro

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David Letterman and Aubrey Plaza both realized they have no plans for after the Late Show and Parks and Recreation come to an end. Plaza was a guest on Letterman's show on Tuesday, and the two talked about their futures.

"I have no plan. At all," Plaza said. "I was thinking of gaining skills--survival skills. Marksmanship, maybe."

"What are you going to do when your show's over?" she asked David Letterman.

"As I was asking you that question," he admitted. "I realized I don't have an answer either."

Jon Stewart will take over for Letterman on the Late Show when he ends his reign.

Letterman and Plaza decided that at some point after both the Late Show and Parks and Recreation are officially done, they will do something together. And while David Letterman wouldn't commit to any of Aubrey Plaza's ideas--the Kentucky Derby or the symphony--he said he would, in fact, take her somewhere.

Aubrey Plaza wasn't initially up front about her lack of future plans, however. She later divulge to David Letterman that she was to start filming on Thursday for a movie called Dirty Grandpa. The film stars Robert De Niro as the dirty grandpa, who is looking to get lucky.

"I play a girl looking for some action. … My sole purpose in the movie is to have sex with De Niro's character," she said.

It sounds like David Letterman isn't going to have quite as much fun as Aubrey Plaza when his show comes to a close. The late night host hasn't had much to say about what he actually might do, but fans are likely hard-pressed to believe he will step away from comedy--or TV--for good.

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