David Fincher Reportedly Wants Christian Bale (and Only Christian Bale) to Play Steve Jobs

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In a turn of unbaleievable news coming out of the long-awaited Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic saga, it appears that David Fincher is holding out for Christian Bale for his lead.

According to The Wrap, who quotes an individual familiar with the project (as opposed to unfamiliar), David Fincher says he will only direct the upcoming film if Christian Bale is cast as Steve Jobs.

Let's back up for a sec.

About the time that we learned that Ashton Kutcher would be portraying the late Apple co-founder in a biopic, we learned that another Jobs biopic was in the works–one based on the best-selling biography by Walter Isaacson. Rumor had it that The Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin would pen the script. This all happened back in 2011, but Sony Pictures didn't confirm Aaron Sorkin as the official screenwriter until later, in 2012.

Sorkin famously stated that whoever wound up playing Steve Jobs would need to be intelligent.

In January, Sorkin finally turned in his script for the movie.

Then, last month, reports emerged that David Fincher was in talks to direct the film. Of course, The Social Network came out of the pairing of Fincher and Sorkin.

Now, if this report is accurate, Fincher wants Bale–and only Bale.

Let's see, what else do we know about this film? Sorkin once hinted that the film would be divided up into three 30-minute scenes, each taking place backstage before some big Apple product launch. We assume flashbacks would be involved. If this were the case, it would have a very Social Network-y feel. Sorkin wrote Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pretty well, so I trust he could do the same to Steve Jobs. Both are relatively complex characters. Bale could work–I see the resemblance. Apparently, Bale hasn't even been approached and the film isn't going to start production until early next year–so you'll have to wait some time to possibly see Batman play The Riddler.

I say bring on the Bale. He's the Steve Jobs Gotham deserves, and the one it needs right now.

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