David Beckham: L.A. Galaxy Slashes His Salary

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David Beckham, arguably the most famous soccer player ever (at least in my world, which is limited in "football" knowledge) is about to take a huge pay cut to remain with his team, L.A. Galaxy.

When he moved to Cali, it was a huge deal. Every news outlet was foaming at the mouth for info, interviews, and pics of the athlete and his family, especially his ex-Spice Girl wife, Victoria (Posh, to those in the know). The British footballer is a big deal here in the states, between ads featuring his sculpted abs and...other parts...and his various endorsement deals. He hobnobs with Tom Cruise and President Obama and the first family, so naturally people want to know what's happening with him. Now, it seems, his status is about to change after he accepted a deal from Galaxy to take a paltry $2.5 million a year as opposed to the initial $4.1 million he signed for. And while some might say that amount still sounds like Chronicles of Ridic, when you consider the lifestyle that comes along with it--as well as the ungodly taxes one would have to pay every year--a 39% pay cut is nothing to sneeze at.

News is, the deal came about because Posh wants to stay in Cali, mostly because of her various business deals, and when the wife is happy, everyone is happy. Of course, it's doubtful they'll have any money woes. Between the power couple's many, many endorsement deals and Becks' comfy new salary, they're pretty well covered.

Amanda Crum
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