Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock Tease a Tour


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Almost one decade ago, comedian Dave Chappelle found wild success with his Comedy Central TV show Chappelle's Show. However, the TV show, which spawned numerous memes, also changed Chappelle's stand-up audiences, and eventually led to the star's self-imposed hiatus from comedy.

Now, it appears that Chappelle may have resurfaced on the New York comedy scene. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the comedian was spotted at three different on-stage appearances at New York's famed Comedy Cellar recently.

Chappelle wasn't alone, however. He was joined on-stage at some points by other famous comedians, including Marlon Wayans and Chris Rock. Surprisingly, Chappelle even joked with Rock about possibly doing a joint comedy tour. Reportedly, Rock took the joke seriously and the two began to work out their schedules, all on-stage. The Times report quotes Rock as saying, "By Halloween I could do dates" and quotes Chappelle as saying, "This could be the show: fireside chats with Chris Rock."

Of course, whether the elusive Chappelle was serious is still a valid question. Still, the prospect of the comedian making a comeback is an exciting one for his fans, who have presumably grown up enough to stop heckling Chappelle by shouting "I'm Rick James, bitch!" constantly.

(Image via Davej1006/Wikimedia Commons)