Darth Vader Selfie Posted On Instagram

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It seems like everyone has an Instagram account these days and why would Darth Vader be any different? Star Wars created an Instagram account on Monday afternoon and Darth Vader didn't waste any time posting his first selfie.

The Instagram account is official and already has several thousand followers. Vader's photo has over 2,000 likes. Just a few months ago, Star Wars fans found out there would be several new sequels added to the film series.

The Instagram account was likely created for the promotion of the upcoming films, even though it could be several years before they are released. In the meantime, Star Wars fans can look forward to more photos of their favorite Star Wars characters on the Instagram page.

Right now the photo of Darth Vader is one of a few on the page, so of course, it got some criticism. Everything from Vader wearing gloves while using a touchscreen to the fact that he has a bunch of dead storm troopers behind him has been pointed out.

Do you think Darth Vader really cares what people think of his first selfie? If you plan to post a negative comment on his Instagram photo, you might want to think twice. He may just use the force to get you back.

Are you excited about the new Star Wars sequels? How do you think they will compare to the other Star Wars films?

Image from Instagram.

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