Darth Vader YouTube Video: 10 Hours of Breathing

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YouTube user Murdock129 decided to create a ten hour video of Darth Vader's "mechano-asthmatic wheezing." It sounds more like a morbidly obese person going up and down the steel stairs of a submarine while smoking a stogy.

Perhaps this clip should be studied by Neuro-acoustic researchers and added as a track to sound therapy systems.

Listen to the dark chesty sounds of an upper respiratory infection as you drift away imagining that you are marching the galleys of the Death Star. Ooh, what an empowering feeling.

But YouTube user, DarkAztec, said that he watched the video last night, thinking it would be great to fall asleep to. Turns out he woke up in the middle of the night: "I hear?d the *PUF-KTCH* noise, it just made me terribly frightened of someone being in the room. I panicked, swinging wild hay-makers and [fell] of the bed on top of [my] nightstand. My roommate rushed in to see what the noise was and there I [was], knocked out on the floor, my stuff everywhere, and Darth's asthmatic voice going."

Unfortunately, DarkAztec sleeps in the nude. Yikes! I wouldn't want to be his roommate.


DarkAztec gave the video two thumbs down, others commented:

"This video? has a better plot and deeper character development that The Phantom Menace."

"Had to pause it when i went? to the bathroom. Don't want to miss anything."

"At first it was soothing, but now it's like a cheese? grater on my brain."

"The longest recorded orgasm in history."

"What if, I download video, save to my boss's laptop, play it super low? and just sit back and watch him go nuts?"

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