DARPA Is Back With A New And Improved Robot Mule

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DARPA and Boston Dynamics are going to be the heralds of the Robot Apocalypse. The two organizations have done more in the field of powerful robots than anybody else. Just last week, the two revealed their new cheetah robot that can reach land speeds of 28.3 mph. Now they have a new and improved version of a robot that will carry your corpse after the cheetahbot is through with you.

DARPA showed off their robotic pack mule back in February as a test concept. The robot is designed to carry heavy loads over long treks. It will be great for soldiers who won't have to carry as much equipment when they're marching in the field. It won't be great once the thing gets a taste for blood and starts piling hundreds of bodies on its back.

The robotic mule has far more natural movement than its predecessor. It's not slipping as much on tough terrain either. The robot can also get back up after being knocked over. Naturally, this means that the robot mule can now make it up into the mountains where the last remnants of humanity are hiding.

Robotic apocalypse predictions aside, DARPA is doing some amazing work. These robots could be used in rescue operations where the terrain is too rocky for humans to climb. Animals have already shown to be better at us when climbing mountains and DARPA's robot mule may be our answer to nature's challenge.