Dark Souls Coming To PC This August


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PC gamers get the short end of the stick a lot. That's not to say that there is a lack of great experiences to be had on the PC, but a lot of great console experiences have never made their way to the PC. That's beginning to change, however, with developers making efforts to bring PC gamers unique versions of console games that take advantage of their preferred platform. Dark Souls was one of those console games that PC gamers clamored for, and it seems that their dreams are about to come true.

DSOGaming found the announcement on the cover of this month's issue of German magazine, "PC Action." On the front cover, it shows the news that Dark Souls is coming to the PC in August. Now this is a German magazine and it only means that Dark Souls is hitting Germany, and probably the rest of Europe, in August. We can assume that a U.S. release is going to happen shortly before or after.

Now remember when I said that more developers are beginning to put more effort into their console ports? That's exactly what's happening here with the Dark Souls team at From Software making this version the "Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition." All the news we have so far says that it will feature new bosses. There's sure to be more revealed as we approach the release, but just know that From Software isn't the type of developer to just throw together a PC version. They're doing something special with it that I'm sure PC gamers are going to love.

If you're new to this whole Dark Souls thing, here's the lowdown. From Software made a game for Sony on the PS3 called Demon's Souls. It gained quite the reputation for being a ridiculously hard action RPG that punished players who didn't play by the rules of the world. Players had to move methodically and play strategically if they were to survive. It was a rousing success for Atlus, the publisher that brought the game over to the U.S.

After seeing the success that Demon's Souls brought to the market, Namco Bandai helped to publish the spiritual successor, Dark Souls. The new game had a much more refined design and challenged players even more to play with their wits instead of just swinging their sword around. In essence, Dark Souls is like a PC RPG from ages past. It's the kind of game PC gamers yearn for with its challenge and respect for the player's skill.

Namco Bandai has yet to officially make the announcement as magazines tend to reveal things before a publisher intends to. That being said, the publisher has a literal wall on Facebook that's being broken apart by fans on the Dark Souls page. It's thought that the Facebook reveal will also be the PC announcement. If you want to check out the Facebook wall, head over here and give your like to help break the wall.

With the magazine reveal just happening, there's sure to be an official announcement right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled and we'll update you when Namco Bandai makes it official.