Danielle Panabaker Talks New Role As Killer Frost

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Danielle Panabaker has garnered many a fan of her sweet and selfless character, Caitlin Snow, on The Flash.

On The Flash, Danielle Panabaker enjoys a certain safety to her role as everyone's pseudo-mother, worried about everyone's well-being.

Danielle Panabaker, as Caitlin, has also enjoyed a newly slow-budding romance with Jay Garrick.

But now, Danielle Panabaker has taken on the role of Killer Frost and all bets are off on Earth 2 as she terrorizes in a partnership with Earth 2's Ronnie, who is now Deathstorm.

Killer Frost! Tomorrow on @cwtheflash - you don't wanna miss it! #theflash #killerfrost

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Danielle Panabaker seems to welcome the break from sweet, concerned Caitlin.

She said of her new role, "They're Earth 2's Bonnie and Clyde. They like to terrorize people as much as they can and they have a passion [for it]. One of Killer Frost's powers is that she kisses men when she kills them. Her lips freeze them and the only man for her is Deathstorm because he's on fire, so it's a relationship that was meant to be."

Killer Frost! Deathstorm! I almost can't believe it - get ready cuz we're going to Earth 2 next week on @cwtheflash

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Of course, Danielle Panabaker's Killer Frost has her heart set on The Flash, but not to protect or care for him.

Panabaker said, "I think Earth 2 is a little bit different from Earth 1 in that you know, Killer Frost is a metahuman and she's a little bit more used to seeing them. I think she is excited to see a different Flash and can't wait to take him on -- and hopefully kill him. I think that's her passion."

About that costume? Danielle Panabaker revealed that it took a while to get just the right look for Killer Frost. Killer Frost didn't always sport that long hair and those blue lips.

Danielle Panabaker admitted, “There was a whole look that was scrapped. The wig actually started as a really short pixie, and then it just evolved. We must have done about a dozen tests to find the right makeup look."

She added, "There was some concern over the blue lips in the beginning because at some point there were a couple of people who felt like her lips should be whited out. But I’m really pale, so if you white-out my lips, you can’t see anything.”

What did you think about Danielle Panabaker's debut as Killer Frost?

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