Danielle Fishel Fires Back At Haters Over Twitter

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Danielle Fishel married her longtime boyfriend Tim Belusko in Los Angeles over the weekend. If Fishel's name is not ringing a bell right away, then perhaps you will recognize her as the iconic role of Topange Lawrence that the actress played in Boy Meets World from 1993 to 2000. On the day of her wedding, Fishel was criticized not only for her weight, but also the fact that she married a man younger than her.

She met her husband Belusko when she returned to college, and became his math tutor. We all know the classic "don't date your tutor" thing, but in this case, it seemed to work successfully, leading to a marriage. However, critics of her and the situation seem to have a problem with it. Fishel is 32-years-old, while her husband is only 25.

In response to all the hate that Fishel has faced since her wedding day, she has taken to twitter to address the issues. First, she was attacked for marrying a younger man, and then her weight, which has always been a sensitive issue for her.

After she gained weight throughout the series of Boy Meets World, she eventually struck up a balanced diet and was able to embrace a healthy lifestyle. She was very proud of herself, telling People Magazine, "I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin."

Whether she was comfortable in her own skin at the time or not, she was certainly a big crush for anyone who watched her hit show throughout the 1990s. Her new confidence also crept into her twitter rant, when she told people to stop judging others by their weight and looks. It is a special time we are living in now, when an actress can be attacked for such stupid reasons, and is able to defend herself over a social media platform.

Fishel has previously mentioned having an eating disorder while she was a teenager and starring on Boy Meets World, feeling like she was afraid to eat at times.

Recently, Danielle Fishel also reunited with her former co-stars Rider Strong and Ben Savage. The three of them were featured having a discussion about who said certain quotes and joking around like no time had passed between them.

The whole cast of Boy Meets World including Mr. Feeny and the whole gang were all reunited for a segment on Good Morning America. A new series is also in the works, titled Girl Meets World, which will air on Disney in 2014. The reunion pictures were shared all over social media outlets, and it is very exciting to see for any fans of the show, who will always love Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence, no matter how much time passes.

Danielle Fishel is brave for standing up for herself, and this should set an example for women everywhere who get put down for their looks. It is good to see that a social media outlet like twitter can be of such use to someone like her in this way.

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