Dale Earnhardt Jr. Responds To Wedding Rumors

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On May 1, Dale Earnhardt Jr. got quite a surprise when he read the latest article on the National Enquirer.

Apparently, Dale and his girlfriend Amy Reimannis, an interior decorator, are to be spending $2 million on a lavish wedding by the end of the year; however Dale says that is news to him.

According to Fox Sports, Dale isn't even engaged yet, and there are already rumors regarding his wedding. "We just skipped the engagement, I guess. Just went right to the wedding," Dale said.

The article quoted a "family pal", and gave many details of the fictional wedding.

Dale’s done his share of partying, and he’s finally ready to settle down. When he won his second Daytona 500 (in February), he took it as a sign that this was the year to get hitched.

His wedding ceremony will be at the Speedway – led by a procession around the track in racing-themed cars and end­ing with a checkered flag at the finish line!

They even revealed intimate details about the proposal that has yet to happen.

She [Amy] was beginning to feel that Dale was stringing her along. But he was just looking for the right mo­ment, and his second Daytona win was it. After the race, Dale whispered in Amy’s ear that he want­ed to get married this year.

Dale's "wedding" will spare no expense. According to the source, Dale plans on having 2,000 guests and will be serving a dinner that costs $500 a head. The musical line-up is pretty impresive also as Sheryl Crow, Ala­bama, Brooks & Dunn and Kenny Chesney are supposedly performing at the event.

Thankfully, Dale has a sense of humor and just laughed the nonsense off. He says that if and when he and Amy wed, they will more than likely have a small ceremony in the backyard. "I definitely had a hard time writing that check," Dale said. "I wouldn't force everyone to go down to Daytona for my wedding. I'd probably just have it right there in the backyard, whatever is easiest. But that was funny. I read that and I just was - it was a roller coaster of an article."

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