Daisy Ridley Confirms Talks About Playing Lara Croft In New ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie

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Daisy Ridley has confirmed that she is being considered to play Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter at the Empire Awards in London on Sunday, Ridley revealed there have been talks about her picking up Angelina Jolie’s iconic character, although she has not been offered the role.

The 23-year old Star Wars: The Force Awakens actress explained that she was waiting for film executives to give her the green light on the role made popular on the big screen by Jolie.

“I’m waiting for someone to say ‘I want you, let’s do it’,” Ridley said. She also confirmed there is no script for the planned reboot yet.

Ridley is currently filming the 8th installment of Star Wars, but when asked if she could make time for Tomb Raider, she said she would definitely find time for it. “Absolutely, I’m trying to fill up my calendar.” Daisy Ridley excitedly said. The English actress said she would grab the opportunity to play Lara Croft if she was given the chance.

While there may be people who might doubt her ability to give justice to the role, her Star Wars costar, John Boyega, believes Daisy Ridley “should be” Lara Croft.

“I played Tomb Raider the game, it’s a new take and I think the movies are going to be based on that version. But I texted Daisy (and) was like, ‘this is you!’ and ‘you need to get on that because you could be Lara Croft,’” Boyega told the Hollywood Reporter.

Reports say Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) will write the script, while Roar Uthaug is said to be directing the film.

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