Facebook Video: Dad Shoots Daughter's Laptop

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Tommy Jordan of North Carolina had had enough. After finding (yet another) an expletive-filled Facebook post his daughter had made about her "unfair" parents, Jordan took to Facebook himself.

In a video he posted to Youtube and Facebook, he set a camera up in the yard, and read his daughter's post aloud to the camera. He then announced her grounding and loss of her laptop. Then, he shot the laptop.

Shot the laptop. With hollow-point exploding bullets.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed 1.4 million times. The Facebook entry from which it came has 13,500 likes, 6,200 shares and 7,000 comments. Phrases like "father of the year" are being tossed around. Sure, there are some who do not approve of his techniques, his use of a firearm, his destroying a laptop, etc. But, he seems to have far more thumbs up than down.

Mike Tuttle
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