Dad Shoots Boy in Daughter's Room


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It's likely that the father who shot his daughter's boyfriend will not be charged by local prosecutors, so now the case will go to a grand jury.

The tragic incident happened in Houston, Texas when a dad found 17 year old Johran McCormick in his daughter's bedroom at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. According to the dad, McCormick was in bed with the daughter when he walked into the bedroom.

Upon seeing the boy, the daughter told her dad she had no idea who he was, so instantly the dad perceived McCormick as a threat. From there, the 17 year old was told to get his things and leave, but for some reason he didn't comply right away, so things became even more intense.

Based on the father's account, McCormick reached for something, and that's when he was shot. Afterwards, the daughter told her father the teen wasn't a stranger, he was actually her boyfriend.

Warren Diepraam, a Harris County prosecutor, said there's a good chance the dad won't be convicted, because the grand jury may have a difficult time proving there was an ill motive, regardless of what the shooting scene looked like afterwards.

"What was going on in the person's mind at the time of the shooting, [not] what they found out after the fact is [of crucial importance]," Diepraam explained. "They're looking at what he was thinking when he made the decision to shoot."

There's still a big question whether the dad knew the shooting victim or not beforehand, because the family just moved to that area of Houston and didn't know many people.

"Oh my god! They just moved here like a week ago," said a neighbor, who also said the dad and the family were quiet people who didn't make a lot of noise or cause any problems.

"I've never heard a peep out of them," said the neighbor.

Image via Wikimedia Commons