Cyberpunk 2077 Creator Muses on Inspiration


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With the release of the sexy slow-mo CG teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, new interest in the upcoming title has exploded. To give gamers a sense of what they can expect from the title, Mike Pondsmith, creator of the pen-and-paper Cyberpunk RPG, is starring in a new trailer for the game.

Pondsmith is collaborating with CD Projekt RED on Cyberpunk 2077, and his vision seems to be taking priority at the developer. Everyone knows that cyberpunk entertainment deals with advanced technology in the semi-near future, but in the new video Pondsmith describes the cyberpunk genre more as an atmosphere. The imagery he invokes certainly seems reminiscent of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, or any number of William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novels.

"Cyberpunk is about that interface between people and technology, but not in that transhumanist way where it's all about the technology changing or improving them, it's about how people use things," said Pondsmith. "There's a great Gibson saying: 'The street finds its uses for things,' and that's what cyberpunk is about. Cyberpunk isn't about saving humanity, it's about saving yourself."

Pondsmith also reveals that CD Project RED was chosen to develop the game because it was clear the developers there were fans of the original RPG. He describes 2077 as a mature form of the RPG, and fans of the original will be able to see the outcomes of events seen in Cyberpunk 2020.