Cyber Cafe Users Gang Up on Thief

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Feeling less than empowered this Hump Day, maybe even a little picked on? Here's a video that'll restore your faith in humanity--or, well, at least your faith in a gang of nerdier types to put the hurt on a thief:

Revenge Of The Nerds - Watch More Funny Videos

This video does leave a bunch of questions unanswered, though. It looks like Black Jacket Thief gets away in 00:48, or did the five vigilantes catch up with him somewhere out-of-frame? And what happened to the guy who stole the goods? Reckon they caught up to him?

Still, it's a beautiful thing to see people refuse to be victimized by those with more power or cunning. Maybe someone should send this to Anonymous, and tell them to keep their chin up.

Happy Wednesday. It's downhill from here.

Hat Tip, Boing Boing.

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