Cute "Dumb Ways to Die" Parody Promotes NASA with "Cool Things to Find"

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A couple of weeks ago, a quirky little ad campaign for train safety went viral, generating nearly 30 million pageviews to date. Produced for Melbourne, Australia's Metro Trains, "Dumb Ways to Die" featured cute little creatures finding unique ways to kill themselves. Now, a new video inspired by that one uses similar animation and a similar song to help promote NASA.

This time, it's a cute little Mars rover and it's talking about "Cool Thing to Find."

"Why did we make this video? Well, first off, we here at Cinesaurus really love Dumb Ways to Die. Second, we are huge fans of NASA and everything they are doing here on Earth, in Space and on Mars. We like to do anything we can to help support NASA and think you should too! Write to your Senator, call them, make sure they don't cut any more of their budget."

Once again, be prepared to have this tune stuck in your head all day:

[Cinesaurus via Mashable]
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