Cut Out the BS and Use Facebook For What Zuckerberg Intended With RelationBook

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Do you remember that moment in The Social Network when Mark Zuckerberg is prodded about the relationship status of some girl in one of his classes? It's like the "aha" moment halfway through the film, where Zuck has an epiphany about the one thing that would make Facebook popular to millions of people around the world.

"People don't walk around with a sign on them that says...."

And with that (or so the legend goes), the concept of listing your "relationship status" on Facebook was born.

Now, years later, it's hard to argue against the relationship status as one of the biggest influencing factors on the site's success. How many potential suitors have checked someone out on Facebook before they make a move. "Is she single?" "Does he have a girlfriend (and if so, am I prettier than her)?"

But a new app assumes that you've grown tired of all of the other distractions on Facebook - the photos, statuses, Farmville requests, and various Open Graph apps. What people want is just to see which of their friends are still single, and check in on whether or not any of them have gotten married (or divorced, schadenfreude).

That's the basic premise of RelationBook, which once you authorize to access your Facebook profile provides a searchable and filterable breakdown of all of your friends' relationship statuses.

First, decide if you want to look at all males or all females. Then apply the next filter(s). Single, In a relationship, engaged, married, it's complicated - they're all there. Notably absent from the filter options are "in civil union" and "in a domestic partnership," two newer options that Facebook launched for their LGBT community.

You can check out the list view:


Or the image view:

But either way you look at it, some could see it as a bit creepy. But then again, what the hell is Facebook good for, if not to bring out the inner creep in all of us?

[h/t The Next Web]
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