Curved LG Smartphone Could be Coming in November

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The technology to create curved displays for smartphone has been around for years now, displayed prominently at CES every year. Despite this, manufacturers haven't yet found an appropriate use for the technology in their smartphones. Expensive curved TV sets have made their debut, and flexible displays are likely to improve as they are used in smart watches and other wearable devices.

Now, LG could be planning its first curved smartphone to compete with Samsung's announced curved handset. A Wall Street Journal report states that LG's curved device will debut sometime in November. It will be called the G Flex and will have a 6-inch curved OLED display. The curve of the smartphone is rumored to make it slightly bowed from top to bottom.

Demand for curved smartphones is entirely unknown, and the Journal reports that sales of such device are expected to be low. In fact, the Journal also claims that LG and Samsung are developing the curved smartphones as a proof-of-concept for the displays with a look toward the future where wearable devices will have such displays.

A key factor in the low expectations for sales of the devices might be the high prices of such devices, as the advanced display technology will add significant costs to the manufacturing process. In addition, the Journal's sources claim that manufacturing yields for such displays are not yet at a point where they can be mass-produced for use in popular smartphones.

(Image courtesy LG)

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