Cuba Gooding Jr. Allegedly Assaults Bourbon St. Bartender, Twitter Shows Him The Cliches

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Being a celebrity means garnering a lot of attention, and though it may seem like a great thing to be recognized wherever you go, much of that attention is undesired by the stars. Just ask Kiefer Sutherland, Britney Spears, or the slew of celebs who have had their fair share of run-ins with fans and paparazzi alike.

The latest celeb to find himself in a sticky situation in Jerry Maguire star Cuba Gooding Jr. According to the LA Times, police in New Orleans have issued a battery arrest warrant for the Academy Award-winning actor.

According to reports, Gooding Jr. became perturbed by all the attention he was getting in a Bourbon Street bar early Tuesday. Police say that he became quite aggravated when people began pushing for photos and autographs.

When a female bartender intervened and asked Gooding Jr. to chill out, he reportedly pushed her. Another employee at the bar then called the police, and when Gooding Jr. was told that the law was en route, he reportedly pushed her again on the way out.

Gooding Jr.'s attorney is currently in talks with the NOPD.

Twitter, well-known for being harsh on celebrities, is using the incident to jump on Gooding Jr. for his decline in fame over the past decade. And of course, movie references are inevitable:

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