Crysis 3 Debut Gameplay Trailer Released


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EA announced the third game in the Crysis franchise last week. The news was met with the usual mix of excitement and skepticism as to whether or not Crytek could match the quality of the original Crysis. We've had a week to sit on screenshots, but a trailer is much more indicative of the quality.

Crytek released a new trailer today that shows off what players are going to see in Crysis 3. As much as I preach the importance of gameplay, Crysis 3 is one of those games where the visuals are just as important. The trailer doesn't disappoint with our first look at the jungles of an overgrown New York City.

In a surprising move for a debut trailer, we do get to see some of the gameplay. So far, it looks like pretty standard shooter fare. The big change seems to be coming with the bow. It might have been fancy trailer magic, but it seems that the camera follows the arrow for some slick kill cams.

The response to the trailer seems to be split like it was with Crysis 2. Many players in the YouTube comments are expressing their disappointment that the title looks the same as previous games in the series. Other fans are disappointed by the visuals not being up to par with the original Crysis which was released in 2007.

I want to think that the trailer is running off of console footage since all the quotes from Xbox magazines. I have hope that the PC version will utilize the power of the newest CryEngine 3 release.

Check out the trailer and make a decision for yourself.