Crop Tops: Love Them Or Hate Them?


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Crop tops, you either love them or hate them. For many women and some men, crop tops are a way to show off a toned summer body and stay cool on hot days. For many other people, crop tops just aren't an option and some people even consider them an eyesore.

Whether you like wearing them, like looking at them or despise all aspects of the crop top, it has become one of the hot summer trends of 2014.

Crop tops have been showing up on runways across the world for the last few years, but like most styles it has taken a while for everyone to catch on to them.

Crop tops and cropped bralets can be worn with both low rise and highwaisted shorts and skirts and are perfect for casual, fun events like parties, picnics and summer concerts.

The crop top is now a versatile summer wardrobe staple that is perfect for any occasion and everyone who is comfortable enough to wear the tops seems to be crazy about them.

They can even be worn to formal events. Ever thought about walking down the aisle in a crop top wedding dress?

Ready to add a crop top or two to your summer wardrobe? Here are a few fun outfit ideas to try.

And if you are a little shy, there's always this option.

So how do you feel about crop tops? Do you love them or despise them? What is your favorite summer crop top look?

Image via Wikimedia Commons