Critics Choice Awards: The Nominations Are In, But Who Will Win?

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As the nominations continue to roll in during the award season in anticipation of the big Academy Award ceremony, the Critics Choice Awards announced their nominations today. A few new faces, and several veterans are present during this year's nominations.

The same big name films that have been leading the pack along the way, and creating tons of Oscar buzz already are in charge of nominations at the Critics Choice Awards..

The full list of nominations can be seen here, with American Hustle and 12 Years A Slave leading the way with 13 nominations each.

The Critics Choice Awards are presented by the Broadcast Film Critics Association, and is an awards show that focuses solely on film. It awards the best films of the year, and offers plenty of categories that the Academy Awards leave out, such as Best Comedy and Best Horror Film.

With every announcement of new nominations, there are going to plenty of films, and the actors in them that get left out. Noticeably absent once again is Lee Daniels' The Butler, which did get Oprah Winfrey a best supporting actress nomination, but the film was not recognized in the Best Picture or Best Actor categories.. However, the film did get nominated for Best Acting Ensemble, another category which the Academy Awards does not have.

While the Academy Awards have decided to switch, and include ten nominated films for best picture, it is something that the Critics Choice Awards has always done. This year, the show features several fan favorites, while also including a number of films which have yet to hit theaters such as The Wolf Of Wall Street and Her.

In addition to the Critics Choice Awards, the Golden Globes announced their lineup of nominees, which also featured American Hustle and 12 Years A Slave with the most nominations. However, the Golden Globes separates their categories into comedy and drama, and luckily for those two films, they will not be forced to compete with one another.

The SAG also announced their batch of nominations last Thursday, with similar results, and also saw Breaking Bad and 30 Rock as leading television contenders.

The winners of the 19th annual Critics Choice Awards will be announced on Thursday, January 16th, and for the second year in a row, the show will be hosted by Aisha Tyler on the CW network. The awards are also presented on the same day that the Academy presents their nominations, and often the Critics Choice Awards is able to serve as a model for the way the Academy will vote.

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