Criminal Mastermind Forgets to Log-out of Facebook at Home He Burgled

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There's still one Hall of Fame that will accept everybody – it doesn't matter if you're a liar, thief, cheat, or whatever. It's the Facebook Idiots Hall of Fame, and it's accepting new members all the time.

Today's honoree is one Nicholas Wig, a criminal mastermind from Minnesota whose Facebook obsession will likely cost him his freedom.

WCCO reports that James Wood returned to his home last week to find it a mess. It had clearly been picked over by a burglar, and Woods discovered that all his cash, credit cards, and his watch were all missing. He did find a pile of wet clothes (not his own), but more on that later.

Woods also found that Facebook was open on his computer – but he wasn't logged in. Sitting in front of him, like a gift from the investigatory gods, was the logged-in profile of the man who'd apparently made off with his stuff. Cue covert ops:

From WCCO:

Wood posted to Facebook using Wig’s profile, saying Wig had burglarized his home. He even shared his phone number to see if someone would call with information. Wig texted him later that day.

“I replied you left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you,” Wood said.

Wig agreed to meet with Wood later that night. Wood believes Wig was under the impression he would give him back some of his clothes he had left at his home in exchange for a recycled cell phone Wig had stolen. Wood, at his friend’s house, left for home. On his way back to his house he saw and recognized Wig, from his Facebook profile, walking on the street. He immediately called police.

He tried to get his wet clothes back? Turns out, leaving Facebook logged in wasn't the dumbest thing this guy did to bungle this burgle.

Sadly (and unsurprisingly), this isn't the first time we've heard of criminals forgetting to log-out of Facebook before exiting the scene of their crimes. Remember that duo that forgot to log out of Facebook at an internet cafe they had just robbed?

Image via WCCO, screenshot

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